The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse








On Monday, April 8, 2024, there will be a total solar eclipse, and the Finger Lakes region is in the path of totality. In a solar eclipse, the moon gets between the Sun and Earth. In a total solar eclipse, people who are in the path of totality see the Sun’s bright disk totally covered by the Moon for a short time.

The Saunders Finger Lakes Museum is proud to be an Eclipse Ambassador partnered with the Rochester Museum and Science Center to educate and create experiences for this upcoming phenomenon. 



Click here to learn more about ‘The Reality of Totality’ event and to register in advance.

2144. That’s the NEXT time there will be a total solar eclipse in the Finger Lakes region At 120 years away, how will we tell the stories of our experiences with the next generations?

We want to hear your stories from the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse! 🌎🌑☀️ Similar to the concept of a time-capsule, we are asking people across the Finger Lakes region (locals and visitors) to share their photos/videos and written accounts of their experience on April 8th. Our intent is for these stories to be available with one of our future exhibits.
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Total Solar Eclipse
Eclipse Events Nearby

The Reality of Totality:
Join us at Finger Lakes Community College to experience the Eclipse! Enjoy access to outdoor facilities, including restrooms and a nature trail in this picnic-style event. Check out Star Cider for food, beverages, and special events and educational programs from the Saunders Finger Lakes Museum and Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association.

Local Events: Visit the Yates County Chamber of Commerce website to stay tuned into local happenings.

Students & Eclipse Learning
Check out our public, family-friendly events:

Naples Library:
Eclipse Program for 5-7 year-olds – March 4th at 2:45 PM
Eclipse Program for 8-12 year-olds – March 6th at 2:45 PM
Family Eclipse Program on  April 4th at 5:30 PM

Modeste Bedient Memorial Library
Eclipse Program – Sat. March 9th 10 AM

LL Bean Eclipse Program (Victor):
Eclipse Program – Sat. March 23rd 1 PM

Clifton Springs Library:
Eclipse Program – March 30th at 11 AM

Penn Yan Library:
Eclipse DIY Pinhole Viewer Drop In  – April 4th 10 AM – 12:45 PM

Private Programs

Private programming includes:

  1. Basic scientific background
  2. Activities & crafts
  3. Tailored for all ages/groups (school, scouts, family friendly, etc.)

Click here to inquire about setting up your private program today!

Eclipse Glasses
Where to Find Glasses:

Visit the Rochester Museum & Science Center’s Eclipse website to find places to purchase glasses in the region

Free Glasses for Yates County

The Yates County Chamber of Commerce will have free eclipse glasses for Yates County residents, employers, and visitors while supplies last. Reach out to the Yates County Chamber of Commerce to reserve yours today for distribution beginning in March 2024. Reach the Chamber via email: [email protected] or call (315) 536-3111

Totality Across the Finger Lakes

Our beloved Rochester, New York, is indeed in the path of totality for the total solar eclipse. The fun begins at 2:07pm, with totality beginning at 3:20pm, lasting 3 minutes and 38 seconds, and will end at 4:33pm.This eclipse will pass through the entire state of NY in a matter of only 10 minutes with a 100-mile wide path and a speed of 2,344 mph. 

The map below outlines the path of totality across the Finger Lakes region. 

Total Solar Eclipse Totality Map 2024 Finger Lakes

Safety First:

  • Use eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer when viewing the sun (before & after totality).
  • Only when the Moon completely obscures the Sun (during the brief and spectacular period known as totality) can you watch without eclipse glasses or solar viewer.
  • As soon as you see even a little bit of the bright Sun reappear after totality, immediately put your eclipse glasses back on or use a handheld solar viewer to look at the Sun.
  • Even during a partial or annular eclipse, the Sun will be very bright. If you are watching an entire eclipse, you may be in direct sunlight for hours. Remember to wear sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing to prevent skin damage.

Observe what appears to be a 360° sunset


~39 seconds of totality in parts of Yates County

Animals will act as if it’s night

Next Total Solar Eclipse in our region is in 2144!

School day is cancelled in the region

Experiencing the Eclipse- Fun & Safety,

In this captivating episode, we dive into the wonders of the 2024 total solar eclipse with Lindsay Orzel, a passionate science teacher and NSTA/SSI Solar Eclipse Partner, exploring fun, safe ways to experience this celestial event in the Finger Lakes region. Lindsay shares educational adventures, local hidden gems, and inspires both young and adult listeners to look up and marvel at the universe around us.