FLXGives 2020: Mission Possible!

When faced with a challenge, one must go through a series of steps to come to a feasible solution. Here at the Finger Lakes Museum we were able to tackle one of our recent challenges with your help! [Bonus challenge: write this blog post with as many song lyrics as can fit.] Help! I need somebody!

Step 1: Identify the Problem

We have had great success with our kayak programs that have been targeted at an adult audience. But what about the kids? We have had several groups of youngsters come here for lessons and paddles, but our kayaks are simply too big for young people! Nothin’ seems to fit . . .

Step 2: Brainstorm Solutions

Booster seats? Go-Gadget arms to extend their reach? In the end, the solution was quite elegantly simple: we need a new fleet of kayaks and paddles that are designed for young paddlers. I want to be forever young!

Step 3: Analyze and Delegate Tasks

Let’s research appropriate boats and paddles, and come up with the best fit for our purpose. We decided that Old Town Heron Junior kayaks and Saber paddles were best for the job. How to acquire them? Doug Reagan of Reagan’s Finger Lakes Canoe, Kayak, and SUP Rental and Sales (https://www.reaganskayak.com/ ) can help us with that! But how will we pay for this new fleet? How about we ask our supporters to help us out? Yes, they have come through in the past! If they hear of our noble intentions, no doubt they will step up to help! You just call out my name . . .

Step 4: Share the Vision!

Okay, let’s utilize the platform of FLX Gives (www.flxgives.org ) to get folks excited about this fundraising opportunity! So on Friday the Thirteenth, we engaged our supporters far and near to assist us in this challenge! I get by with a little help from my friends.

Step 5: High-five your co-worker (long distance) every time a donation comes in!

As the day wore on, we checked in periodically to see how our campaign was going. Each time, we were rewarded with an ever-growing nest egg, and each time we had enough to purchase one more kayak and paddle, we raised a cup of coffee in glee! Yeah, we had a lot of coffee that day! Celebrate good times, come on!

Step 6: Celebrate the success!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who supported us through this effort! We now have enough to purchase ten youth boats and paddles for the 2021 season! We will think of you each time we are able to put a young person in a kayak! Rock the boat – don’t tip the boat over!

*Photos courtesy of Valerie Bost

Happy Thanksgiving! And THANKS for GIVING!!!

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