The Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes

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In 2008, John Adamski became inspired by visits to the Adirondack Museum and The Wild Center, and decided that the Finger Lakes needed to have something similar. He wrote an article for the Life in the Finger Lakes magazine, describing his vision for a museum that would celebrate the natural and cultural history of all 11 Finger Lakes. Upon hearing about this idea, others agreed that it was time! Thus began The Finger Lakes Museum!

In the ensuing years, The Finger Lakes Museum has established itself in Branchport, on the Northwest branch of Keuka Lake. It is there that dedicated staff, trustees, and volunteers are diligently working to build a unique museum worthy of John Adamski’s vision, all while educating and inspiring through fun outdoor programs & events.

In 2018, as the Museum celebrated its 10-year anniversary, the staff, trustees, and volunteers forged new relationships, made new connections, gathered new information, and expanded its influence to include all 11 of the Finger Lakes! 

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Here are fun facts about each lake, and some hashtags you can use to share your experiences and images with us! 

January:  On your mark, get set . . . GO!

February:  Seneca Lake – at 617 feet, the deepest lake in NY! #FLXMuseumSeneca

March:  Cayuga Lake – 37.9 miles makes this the longest Finger Lake! #FLXMuseumCayuga

April:  Conesus Lake – award winning stream bank erosion remediation! #FLXMuseumConesus

May:  Owasco Lake – has 2 dams & is home to both cold water & warm water fisheries! #FLXMuseumOwasco

June:  Canadice Lake – the highest and smallest Finger Lake! #FLXMuseumCanadice

July:  Hemlock Lake – protected by NYS to be “forever wild”! #FLXMuseumHemlock 

August:  Honeoye Lake – the shallowest (29-ft deep) & the 1st lake to freeze! #FLXMuseumHoneoye

September:  Otisco Lake – the only lake you can walk across in every season (via a causeway)! #FLXMuseumOtisco

October:  Keuka Lake – looks like a “Y” & the only lake that flows north AND south! #FLXMuseumKeuka

November:  Canandaigua Lake – home to the smallest island in the Finger Lakes! #FLXMuseumCanandaigua

​December:  Skaneateles Lake – some lake residents still receive mail via boat! #FLXMuseumSkaneateles