FLM&A 5th Annual Bird Walk

Great Blue Heron

It was a chilly, rainy Saturday morning, but our intrepid birding crew braved the elements to see who of our feathered friends would be doing the same! Our tenacity paid off – while wandering through the Townsend-Grady Wildlife Preserve, we saw and/or heard 37 different species! Not bad for a wet day. Early on we were treated to a glorious flyover by a juvenile Bald Eagle and the charismatic Great Blue Heron. Of course our regular wetlands denizens, the Red-winged Blackbirds, were out in abundance. Out on the water were Mallards, Double-crested Cormorant, and the exotic looking Wood Duck. Although our primary viewing targets were of the avian

varieties, we also caught a glimpse of a busy muskrat. What a treat to experience this springtime flurry of activity after an extended winter! A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to our guides Mahlon Eleanor Hurst, and friends Lydian and Arlene. Maybe next year we’ll have a sunny day!

The following is a list of bird species we identified that wet morning:

1) Song Sparrow

2) Canada Goose

3) Yellow Warbler

4) Baltimore Oriole

5) Gray Catbird

6) Warbling Vireo

7) Mallard

8) Pileated Woodpecker

9) Great Blue Heron

10) White-breasted Nuthatch

11) Red-winged Blackbird

12) Bald Eagle

13) Red Bellied Woodpecker

14) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

15) American Goldfinch

16) Cedar Waxwing

17) Tufted Titmouse

18) Double-crested Cormorant

19) Northern Flicker

20) Common Grackle

21) Mourning Dove

22) Swamp Sparrow

23) Belted Kingfisher

24) Common Yellowthroat

25) Wood Duck

26) Black Capped Chickadee

27) Rough Winged Swallow

28) Least Flycatcher

29) American Robin

30) Carolina Wren

31) Downy Woodpecker

32) Red-eyed Vireo

33) Eastern Towhee

34) Hooded Warbler

35) Yellow-throated Vireo

36) Chipping Sparrow

Photos by Helen Heizyk

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