Keuka Lake

lake facts

Elevation: 715 feet
Area: 11,584 acres
Water Volume: 379 billion gallons
Length: 19.6 miles
Maximum width: 1.9 miles
Maximum depth: 183 feet
Thermocline: 30-35 feet


  • 3rd largest Finger Lake.
  • Flows both north & south.
  • The name “Keuka” comes from the Native American phrase meaning “Canoe Landing”, but the Seneca tribe called the lake “o-go-ya-ga,” which translates to “the promontory,” likely in reference to the bluff.
  • Keuka is the only Finger Lake that exits into another one (Seneca.)
  • A state record brown trout was caught here in 1979, at 22 pounds and 4 ounces, even before the DEC began stocking them.
  • Birkett Mills, located in Penn Yan, set a Guinness Book of World Record in 1987 for the largest pancake ever made at the Annual Buckwheat Harvest Festival. The original 28-foot griddle used to flip the record-breaking pancake is proudly displayed on the side of the mill today.
  • Dr. Konstantin Frank pioneered the introduction of the European vitis vinifera to the Finger Lakes, forever changing the course of winemaking in the region by successfully grafting cold and insect-resistant native root stocks to European grape varieties.