hemlock Lake

lake facts

Elevation: 905 feet
Area: 1,800 acres
Length: 7 miles
Maximum width: .5 mile
Maximum depth: 91 feet
Thermocline: 30 feet


  • The only lake without a Native American inspired name. It was named for the hemlock trees that grow around it, which prefer cool, moist locations and tend to grow under taller trees.
  • In the 19th century, Hemlock was known as the “blue blood” lake and sat surrounded by many wealthy summer homes and recreation facilities.
  • From 1941-1946 there was no Hemlock Fair due to the scarcity of gas and tires and the war effort of World War II.
  • The watershed area is categorized as an Important Bird Area and supports two nesting pairs of Bald eagles. In the 1970s the Hemlock eagles were the sole remaining breeding pairs in NYS.