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Conesus Lake

Conesus Lake flows south to north, from its inlet in the Town of Conesus to its outlet, Conesus Creek, in Lakeville, a hamlet in the Town of Livonia in Livingston County. Conesus provides water to the 15,000 residents of Avon and Geneseo. 

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Both of these lakes are water resevoirs to Rochester. Hemlock and Canadice are considered part of the Little Lakes. Conesus is the third. 

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A favorite for biking, the 19 mile trip can be hiked in one day. One of the Finger Lakes that does completely freeze in the winter. 

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Named the "Chosen Spot" by the Native Americans, this lake is home to one of two islands in the Finger Lakes. 

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The ideal area around this lake makes this perfect for wineries and grape growing. Only lake in the country that flows north and south.  The "Y" shaped lake of the region. 

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Seneca Lake accounts for more than 50% of the water in the Finger Lakes. Many of the steamboats and barges that transported goods and people in the 1800s are now at the bottom of the lake, located on the southern point and maintained for scuba diving. 

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The longest Finger Lake at 40 miles. Home to Frontenac Island, one of two islands in the Finger Lakes. Home to Cornell University. 

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The 6th largest lake of the Finger Lakes, Owasco supplies more than 70% of the water to Cayuga County.

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One of the highest lakes in the region, it is 863 above sea level. It is one of only six unfiltered water sources in the country. 

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6 miles long and 1 mile long, the shallow depth make this perfect for swimming and boating in the summer. 

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