Conesus Lake

As a relatively recent transplant from Florida, I was pleasantly surprised by the area that I didn’t know much about when we first made the big cross-country move to the Finger Lakes. We moved to Geneva so I was familiar with Seneca Lake and my husband works in Waterloo so we had some knowledge of Cayuga Lake. But I really didn’t grasp that there were 11 different lakes that make up the region. And who would have known that my best friend of 16 years would have casually mentioned to me shortly before we moved that she grew up on Conesus Lake? She has always told me that we should take a family day trip to Conesus and after looking into it, I know why! With summer right around the corner (I see you peeking through in April, warmer days!) let’s take a dive into the things that Conesus Lake can offer this season, shall we?

aerial view of conesus lake
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Let’s start with background on quaint little Conesus Lake: Conesus Lake is the westernmost of the 11 Finger Lakes and at 8 miles long and 1 mile wide, is considered one of the minor Finger Lakes. But don’t let the smaller size fool you, as it provides drinking water to the approximate 15,000 population of Avon and Geneseo. Pretty impressive for one of the “minor” Finger Lakes if you ask me. Conesus Lake, with its smaller size, also makes it a great location for year-round residents as well as year-round lake activities. The fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike and rock bass are plentiful in the summer and winter activities include ice fishing and snowmobiling. Plenty of ice fishing tournaments take place here.

Since we all have summer days on the brain, let’s talk about one of the most notable events for Conesus: their annual Ring of Fire. This not-to-be-missed event is sponsored by the Conesus Lake Association and is held every year on July 3rd. Residents around the lake light flares in keeping with the Seneca Indian tradition from many years ago. Beautiful red flares, making it a sight to remember, surround the entire lake. A great family-friendly alternative to fireworks display that might be too loud for pets and children, check it out this year!

If you’re looking for musical entertainment, Vitale Park has a great line-up every summer. Boaters tie up their anchors and carloads of travelers park their lawn chairs in the grass to hear the local artists singing and playing a variety of songs. Get your toes in the grass and feel the earth beneath your feet, sway to the songs being carried through the warm summer air and enjoy this Livonia experience.

The Finger Lakes might not have the expansive Oceanside views of Florida, but there is something so serene and peaceful about being by the lake, watching the boaters lazily go by, and taking it all in. Conesus Lake offers a both a little slice of calm and a little bit of “fire!”

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