Consesus Lake

lake facts

Elevation: 818 feet
Area: 3,420 acres
Water Volume: 48 billion gallons
Length: 8 miles
Maximum width: 1 mile
Maximum depth: 66 feet
Thermocline: 30 feet


  • Westernmost Finger Lake.
  • Seneca name “Ga-ne-a-sos” meaning “always beautiful” or “berry place.”
  • Sutton Point was named after Myrtle Sutton, a Seneca native, who saved two men from drowning in her rowboat.
  • Daniel Shays, of famed Shays’ Rebellion in Massachusetts, left New England and settled near Conesus in 1817.
  • Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States, worked as an apprentice in a cloth dressing business near Scottsburg at the south end of the lake.
  • The Beachcomber has had many different names and operators since first opening as a restaurant in 1933.
  • Due to its shallow nature, the lake freezes over completely almost every winter.