Canadice Lake

lake facts

Elevation: 1,096 feet
Area: 649 acres
Water Volume: 11.5 billion gallons
Length: 3 miles
Maximum width: .3 miles
Maximum depth: 95 feet
Thermocline: 30 feet


  • Ironically, the Native American name, “ska-ne-a-dice,” translates to “long lake” despite being the smallest of all the Finger Lakes.
  • Shortest in length, smallest in area, and narrowest in width – yet it is the highest in elevation.”
  • Canadice Lake has been a water reservoir for the City of Rochester since 1876. Because the elevation is so high, the water pressure builds naturally and no pumps are needed to transport the water into the city.
  • Canadice is an ideal spot for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing; however, swimming is not allowed!
  • Unlike Hemlock Lake, there are no public or private facilities around Canadice Lake.