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A bright and glorious morning was a special gift for us on this year’s Bird Walk!  For two delightful hours, we traipsed through the Townsend-Grady Wildlife Preserve to reacquaint ourselves with our fine-feathered friends. Thanks to our wonderful guides Mahlon and Eleanor Hurst, Lydia and Arlene, we were able to see and/or hear 40 different species of birds!

The “cast,” in order of appearance, is as follows:

Yellow Warbler

Red-Winged Blackbird

Blue Jay

American Robin

Grey Catbird

Scarlet Tanager

Downy Woodpecker

American Goldfinch

Common Yellowthroat

Palm Warbler

Ring-billed Gull

Bonaparte’s Gull

Swamp Sparrow

Hairy Woodpecker

Nashville Warbler

Black-throated Warbler

Baltimore Oriole

Blue-grey Gnatcatcher

Song Sparrow

Spotted Sandpiper

Barn Swallow

Warbling Virio

Northern Rough-Winged Swallow

American Crow

Northern Cardinal

Mourning Dove


Northern Flicker

Canada Goose


Tufted Titmouse

Chestnut-Sided Warbler

Blue-headed Virio


Bald Eagle

Double Crested Cormorant

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Caspian Tern


On a recent FLM&A Adventure Team visit to Cayuga Lake, I was charmed by a visit to the Ithaca Children’s Garden!  In a picturesque setting overlooking the south end of the lake, the Ithaca Children’s Garden is “an award-winning 3-acre public children’s garden designed for kids, enjoyed by all, and driven by a mission to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards” (ithacachildrensgarden.org).  It can be found at 121 Turtle Lane at the end of Cass Park on Rt 89.

As an environmental educator (and admittedly, a big kid), I understand the importance of free play and interaction with the natural world as part of a child’s development, but I would not be able to say it as eloquently as it is stated in this article by Katherine Sommerville of the American Horticultural Society (ahsgardening.org):

"For kids, play is serious business.  It’s not 'just about having fun, but taking risks, experimenting, and testing boundaries,' states the American Academy of Pediatrics in a clinical r...

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