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Sunshine On My Shoulders

A bright and glorious morning was a special gift for us on this year’s Bird Walk! For two delightful hours, we traipsed through the Townsend-Grady Wildlife Preserve to reacquaint ourselves with our fine-feathered friends. Thanks to our wonderful guides Mahlon and Eleanor Hurst, Lydia and Arlene, we were able to see and/or hear 40 different species of birds! The “cast,” in order of appearance, is as follows: Yellow Warbler Red-Winged Blackbird Blue Jay American Robin Grey Catbird Scarlet Tanager Downy Woodpecker American Goldfinch Common Yellowthroat Palm Warbler Ring-billed Gull Bonaparte’s Gull Swamp Sparrow Hairy Woodpecker Nashville Warbler Black-throated Warbler Baltimore Oriole Blue-gr

A Sailor on Owasco Lake

Part of the wonderful thing about the Finger Lakes is the incredible amount of history, both general and personal, that surrounds these beautiful lakes. It is not uncommon to hear from families that have spent generations growing up in a certain house, on a specific lake and that their best memories are tied so closely to the region. I was blown away by the story for this month's Owasco Lake blog. Submitted by Lisa Lange and Hank Osborne, these guest bloggers embody what it means to have deep roots in the Finger Lakes. A beautiful song "Sailor" written by Hank himself, describes the love his father had for sailing on Owasco Lake, as well as for his family. There isn't much more that I can

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