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Autumn Adventure at Skaneateles Lake

First stop: Skaneateles Conservation Area (SCA) in the Town of Skaneateles, northeast of the lake. According to the NY Falls website [], the SCA is a “unique habitat protected by the Town of Skaneateles who purchased land around this crucial tributary from owners and farmers in order to preserve the unique ecosystem. The area contains two ponds, numerous acres of wetland habitat, and stream access.” A steep but brief start to the hike got us to the Rudl Trail, which we followed to get to Guppy Falls, which is a 20-foot cascade over the shale bedrock, typical of the area. The stream flow is very dependent upon rainfall. As we have had a fair amoun

Teasels, Bankers and Pancakes - A Little Skaneateles History

One of my favorite activities during our 2018 Focus on the Finger Lakes campaign has taken place when I return home from one of our lake adventures. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing like experiencing all the beauty of our eleven Finger Lakes in person but for me the adventure continues as I go back through my pictures and take time to learn a little about the history of the images in them. The Teasel Capital of the World! In the 1840's a gentleman by the name of John Snook brought cultivated teasel seed to Skaneateles from England. Teasel had been used there for centuries to comb the nap of woolen goods. The locally grown teasels quickly gained a reputation as superior to imported tea

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