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A 'word' from the Old & Wise Turtles

Photos by Helen Heizyk, Museum Volunteer All turtles have a “turtle shelled” common ancestor that goes as far back as the Triassic period, over 220 MYA. This makes the turtle “shell” older than most dinosaurs. Turtle like animals have seen most dinosaurs evolve, live, and go extinct during their own evolutionary journey on earth. Turtles have literally “ridden” the continents as they parted from Pangaea until now. Today we see some of these distant cousins as they bask on a stumps or rocks along shorelines, or as they lumber across the road on our way home from work. In the northeast we have a somewhat unique species of turtle that has developed a soft carapace, and refined tastes. In the pa

Good Morning Branchport!

I just LOVE the Finger Lakes! While I have never lived on a lake, I was born and raised at the southern tip of Cayuga Lake and now live just minutes north of Keuka Lake. While not every Finger Lake has expanses of public areas to roam around, Cayuga and Keuka do, giving someone like me plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the beauty our 11 lakes have to offer. So, when I found myself up before the birds this morning, I decided to take the short drive down to Branchport, on the west branch of Keuka Lake, to take a stroll along Sugar Creek through the Verdi Burtch Memorial Bird Sanctuary and out to the lake. Verdi Burtch (1868-1945) was a Branchport general store proprietor. The B

An Unusual Visitor

Photos courtesy of Nancy Jameson You never know what you are going to see when you venture out for a paddle on any one of our Finger Lakes. I have been blessed in the past to witness osprey plunging into the pristine waters of Keuka Lake in a sometimes futile attempt at catching a fish, or a bald eagle making a fly by appearance at one of our outings at the Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium. It’s always at times like this when I wish I had a good camera with a telephoto lens with me. I am reluctant to carry an expensive camera out on the water, especially while guiding a group of paddlers because of the possibility of having to perform a wet rescue. A waterproof camera case would undoubtedl

Howling at the Milk Moon

Our “Lake of the Month” for June is Keuka! We kicked it off with the first of our series of Full Moon Paddles on Saturday night. [Okay, technically, the full moon was the previous Tuesday, so it was a waning gibbous moon that evening, but let’s not split hairs!] Once again this year, we have scheduled our sunset paddles close to the full moons of the summer months. The titles of our paddles reflect the Native American names given to the monthly full moons. The May full moon is known by several names: Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon, and Milk Moon. This last name indicates that in May livestock enjoy sprouting grasses, weeds and herbs in the fields, and produce lots of rich milk, full of vita

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