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Air, Water, Soil and COMMUNITY

This article first appeared in Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine Hunt Country Vineyards and the Finger Lakes Museum & Aquarium are partnering to promote and protect the natural wonders of the Finger Lakes This April, Hunt Country Vineyards will be giving a percentage of all sales made during the month to the Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium. It’s the beginning of a partnership between a local business and organization that share a common mission for promoting and protecting the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes. “We are thrilled to establish this partnership with the Hunts,” says Natalie Payne, executive director of FLM&A since 2015. The Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium is not your standar

End-to-End on Owasco Lake

Earlier this month Debbie, Brenda and I spent the day exploring the area around Owasco Lake as part of the Museum's Focus on the Finger Lakes celebration. While Debbie, FLM&A's Program Director, attended Owasco Watershed Lake Association's (OWLA) scientific symposium on harmful algal blooms, Brenda and I, Museum volunteers, headed down the west side of the lake in search of a fun outdoor activity. Our first stop was Fillmore Glen State Park in Moravia. One of the main attractions in the park are the hiking trails with views of five waterfalls along the stream cutting through the gorge. Hiking gorge trails can be dangerous in the winter months so we weren't too surprised to find them close

Blue-green algae – the scourge of the Finger Lakes!

In 2017, all eleven Finger Lakes had toxic blooms. But the problem is not just the Finger Lakes – harmful algal blooms (HABs) have affected lakes across the state. In fact, it is such a problem that Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced a $65 million proposal for combating HABs in 12 lakes in the state. Owasco Lake, which suffered 27.5 beach closure days in 2017, is one of five Finger Lakes on that list. Priority lakes were identified that are vulnerable to HABs, and that are critical sources of drinking water. Owasco Lake, which has been experiencing HABs since 2012, is high on the list for several reasons: it was the first water body in the state to have harmful algal bloom toxins threa

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