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It's time.
Over 12,000 years ago, receding glaciers carved the pristine lakes, deep gorges, and spectacular  waterfalls of the Finger Lakes Region. Lush sunflower fields, acres of vineyards, year-round and seasonal residences, farmland and forests line the shores of our 11 lakes. It's time this celebrated region had a museum of its own. Imagine a place that inspires, educates, and entertains. Imagine a place where centuries of cultural and natural history come to life.
Imagine the Finger Lakes Museum. 

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3369 Guyanoga Road

 Branchport, NY 14418


Tel: 315-595-2200

A Cultural and Natural History Museum

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Moving Forward...

Our goals include Façade Improvements (Plantings and Wayfinding signs) Additional Interior Buildout (click link below to see draft plans) Wetlands Work, which includes: o Trails & Boardwalks o Interpretive signage o Pavilion o Species identification o Conservation work (i.e. Emerald Ash Borer) Creekside Center floor and storage for kayaks/ canoes Continued Quality Programs & Community Partnerships A Comprehensive Campaign

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